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About Jessica

Jessica Simonson graduated from the University of Washington in 2008, receiving both a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) and a Bachelor's of Arts in English (Creative Writing). Since graduating, she worked in four different maternity care roles as an RN: in a high volume ObGyn clinic; a midwifery centered labor and delivery unit; a medical model centered labor and delivery unit; and a homebirth midwifery/naturopathic practice.

Jessica now works as an independent Doula, Birth Educator, and Elimination Communication Educator and Consultant.  She supports women and families during their pregnancies, births, and the postpartum period.  She utilizes various Love and Healing modalities with the families she serves, including belly painting (natural ultrasound), storytelling, herbs, nutrition, touch, massage, rebozo, movement medicine,  active listening, open communication, Healing Love education, placenta encapsulation, and spirituality.

Jessica is an enthusiastic student of birth and is constantly learning from the families she serves.  She has completed numerous additional trainings to support her in the service of birth, such as doula training through the Simkin Center at Bastyr University, techniques for optimal fetal positioning and maternal pelvic balance with Spinning Babies, and placenta encapsulation. 


Following the gentle and ecstatic homebirths of her own two sons, Jessica’s aim has been to share her knowledge about birth, and the practice of treating babies like the Magnificent, Divine Beings that they are.  

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About Cassie

Cassie has always found pregnancy, birth and babies to be magnificent. In childhood she spent much of her time carrying around baby dolls and tending to them with care, announcing in kindergarten that she was going to be a Mother, a nurse and a dancer when she grew up. She's always felt a strong desire to surround herself with babies and children; nannying and babysitting for every family she could find from a young age, and crying tears of joy for hours at the news of her first baby nephew. As she grew so did her love for the magic of human bodies, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and babies.

Cassie obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Washington State University in 2018. Upon graduation, she eagerly entered into the world of birth and began working as a Registered Nurse in a hospital, caring for antepartum and postpartum women, and newborn babies as they took their first breaths and transitioned to life outside of the womb. She adored this experience and the vast amount of women, babies and families she was able to support; yet she felt intuitively that the loving container of support, time, love, and care that  she desired to offer women, was restricted by the hospital and medical system.

Throughout her first magical and transformative pregnancy and homebirth, she felt immense love and support from her doula (and big sister) Jessica. It became apparent that the most loving way for her to serve women, and emulate the care that she received during her own journey, would be to serve and study birth with Jessica. She went on maternity leave working as a nurse in the hospital and never returned. She now works alongside Jessica to serve women and their families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

Cassie went on to have an ecstatic, intuitively guided free (unassisted) birth for her second child and felt deep levels of  healing and love unraveled in her. She dreams that all women feel the empowerment, support, safety, love, trust, and deep gratitude that she felt as a result of her births.

Cassie is fully in her Mother form: tending to her young children, nursing, holding space for all the big emotions and forever feeling captivated by the magnificence of her children. She is calling in community and would love to further connect. 

Vision & Intention

We imagine a time when all women experience their births

as Ecstatic Transformations,

propelling them

into a Motherhood


of Love, Healing, Growth, Joy

and Deep Satisfaction. 


From this place,

we treat Ourselves,

our Children,

and so the World,

with Love,

Reverence and Freedom.  

May Love be our reason and our way.

Dear reader,

September 2018

My story began again ten years ago when, on a rather brash dare, I found myself kissing the most spectacular man.  Fast forward ten years, one glorious Love Party (that's what we call weddings in our house), two gentle homebirths and countless wonderful moments later...I find myself in our back bedroom, bouncing on a birth ball, holding our sleeping three year old, listening to Nat King Cole Christmas songs (in Sept.- my three year old's request), one handedly typing the readers digest version of the most magnificent story I know...LIFE.

Love School.  That's what my dear friend calls this place.  This experience of a soul, inhabiting a mind/body, on the earth.  I like to think of it that way.  I'm learning a lot.


This morning, the most spectacular thing happened, I woke up.  I truly don't know how to account for this blessing and I don't know if it will happen again.  So, while it lasts, I'm trying to be a diligent student.    

My favorite teachers? 

Babies..and children.  I want to be like them. 

They are, intrinsically, loving, present, mindful, curious, interested, awe inspired...  They look for the world to reflect these divine qualities back to them, especially for their caregivers to do so.  This is the most worthwhile and challenging work I've ever done.  It is a remembering, and a letting go.

So now, I practice. 


I practice Loving. 


I practice hatha yoga, meditation, sex, dance, story telling, doulaing, singing, hiking, gardening, laughing, swimming, hugging, kissing...and anything else that amplifies my Joy.  This way I might have the best chance to mirror back the love that these little ones pour forth, and look for, in every moment.


I practice watching, listening, and growing in their wisdom.  

I practice serving Birth,

the Divine, Creative, Force of Nature that brought us all here, and weaves us all together in Love.  It is my honor to introduce her, and her nature.

I practice serving women and families,

these units of Love that call forth Divinity.  Their willingness to see and do the work of Love moves me, and I am called to offer the years of study and service I have amassed, in homage to them.

I hope that some of what I share will prove useful for you- it takes a village after all.  I look forward to growing together.  In the meantime, I wish you Love and Joy.


May Love be our reason and our way.


Jessica- Lover, Student, Wife, Mother, Doula, RN

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