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Flower Hydrosols

Hydrosols are a result of taking plant/flower matter and using steam distillation to get a lovely and nourishing liquid. We use thoughtfully harvested plants (from our backyard or locally grown) and a copper distiller to make these magic flower waters! They can be used for aromatherapy, perfumery and skin care. Hydrosols are a wonderful way to receive the benefits and essence of the whole plant- not just the ultra concentrated aromatic plant parts that are in pure essential oils. Hydrosols do not need to be diluted and are gentle on all ages and skin types. If you haven't used hydrosols before, but have used essential oils, the smell can be a little different than expected. They are generally more earthy and subtle in scent. We've found so much joy in creating hydrosols and love getting to share this potent flower power!

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Explore Our Hydrosols

Learn more about the benefits of the hydrosols below and use the links to purchase.

Our hydrosols come in 2 or 4 ounce, amber glass bottles

2oz for $16

4oz for $30

Available for shipping or local pick-up 

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