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An experienced woman who helps other women

around the time of birth

Are you hoping to have a more 




Pregnancy, Birth, Early Childhood experience?

We can help!

Get clear on what you want

plan for how you'll get it

with accountability

and community

If you're ready to talk with us about how we might support you

in experiencing

your Magnificent Birth

Our Doula Services

Our Birth Package Includes:

     *available in person or via zoom

  • Birth Education/Preparation

  • Support throughout Labor and Birth​​

  • Support in the first few hours after birth​

  • Up to 2 postpartum visits​


Birth Education/Preparation

  • What: We have a general outline of what we like to discuss with people that we are serving (that we are happy to share with you and discuss), however, this class is completely yours and each is as unique as all pregnancies and births are. After we meet, connect and get to know you, we will cater this class to what information you are feeling most called to spend time talking about. Any and all topics, questions and conversations are welcome. This is always a safe space. It is a private class for you and any of your partners/support people. We also offer Women’s Circles which may allow for opportunities to connect with other pregnant people. We can’t wait to see how we can best serve you!

  • When & Where: We are happy to start classes at any point in pregnancy. We'll meet every other week - once a month. Depending on your location, we can come to you or we can host birth class at Jessica's home in Vancouver. 


Labor & Birth

  • Early Labor: welcoming labor, grounding ourselves & maintaining awareness of our energies as we enter your space, intention setting & logistics check in (Did anyone turn up the water heater for the birth tub? Birth partner call out of work? Is there enough food/ hydration to support the laboring beings?...)

    • We love to connect with you as labor starts to help set intentions, ground you and family members & any ceremonial beginnings that feel good to you.

    • Help prepare home, birth & postpartum supplies

    • Light house cleaning, food prep, walk dogs, anything to facilitate a calm & peaceful environment for you

    • After doing so, we often step out so that you can enjoy some time to connect with your partner and other children, if applicable, before the expansion of your family. We are available to be present if needed/desired.  

  • Active Labor & Birth: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual support. 

    • Our clients often prefer our presence once labor becomes rhythmic and requires the focused attention of the birthing being.

    • We have many tools in our belts to support labor and birth. Each birth is different and asks something different of all involved.  We tailor our offerings to what the birthing being, baby, and environment seem to be asking of us. Some of our tools include:

      • Maintaining calm presence, sustained connection with you, positional changes and support, rebozo, counter pressure, massage/touch, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, nutrition/hydration mindfulness, environment adjustments (lighting, smells, sounds, minding who is present), giving breaks to your partner and assuring they’re cared for, advocating for your birthing decisions, listening, being present, holding a loving and steady container for you, affirming your strength, helping to maintain flow of labor, etc.

Postpartum Care:

  • During the first few hours after birth

    • Awe and wonder

    • Breastfeeding support

    • Feeding you and your birth team

      • We will make sure everyone has water and some warm food options shortly after birth​

    • Cleaning up 

      • While you marvel at baby and the magnificent work you just did, we tidy everything up (laundry, dishes, birth pool clean up, etc)

    • Helping you up to the bathroom

    • Preparing a cozy bed and tucking you in

    • Text and phone support for any questions that arise

  •  In the days following the birth

    • Continue to awe and wonder

    • Breastfeeding support

    • Cleaning up and helping to facilitate you being able to rest & bond with baby

    • Checking in with you & family

    • Helping assure you stay well nourished

    • Giving you space to process your birth experience

    • Listening ears to hear about your transformation as a new family

    • Snuggling baby if you desire a shower or nap

    • Support newborn care & questions you may have

    • Text and phone support for any questions that arise

  • We don’t have a time cut off of when our doula services come to an end. We grow a deep connection and bond with our clients and adore the ability to watch them and their families grow. As your doulas, we will always support you and be here to love on you!

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