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A Magnificent Story

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“We are story-beings and because of it we are often helped by the stories that come our way. The practice of story medicine is as old as the stories themselves. All ancient traditions used stories as a means of transformation and healing.”

~ Horst Kornberger


What will the story of this new little one be?  What Magnificence does this life have in store for them?


It is our great gift to witness and participate so intimately in their lives.  It is a great gift of theirs that they so unabashedly shine Light upon us, elucidating both our strengths and our opportunities for growth.  


Together we build our stories.  We choose them, live them, and rejoice in them.  


May the choices we make strengthen and support these new little lives.  May our thoughts, words and deeds honor and encourage their inherent luster.  And, may they know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are Love, and they are Loved.




Love School



(Birth & Postpartum)

You're here because you realize that this next step is a big one, and you want to know how you might take it with more Grace, Ease, Joy & Love.  You're in the right place.  Please, tell us more about you.

Elimination Communication 

Did you know that your little one can use a potty from day one?  We would love to help you establish this spectacular communication tool.


Return the nutrients from this magnificent organ, that you created, to your body and your baby.



from birth class

"Great class. Such a nice steady voice.  Calming, even, non-judgemental, empowering.  Thank you."

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