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Blossoms in the Reeds

Full Moon Intentions

At this

full moon

I give thanks

for the fullness

of Love

I am surrounded by,

the thread of it

never broken

extending back


a trying

a knowing

and a growing

As I bleed


in Full Light

I am brought

to my knees


farther still

back into the Budding

Seed I once was

and the immensity

of the metaphors intensity

is embarrassing

and yet

sets me free

and so

I let it be


take me please

May this dis-ease

move me

in the direction

Love calls

and I will answer



In the consumption

I offer

this anger


not enough


to the Earth

for She

Great Curator

makes blossoms

in the reeds

I offer my profound gratitude to the artists whose images speak to my soul:

first image art created by @soulart.klerks

second @austinbirthphotos

third @artshapedphotography

fourth @annica_helheten_

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