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How do I heal my womb?

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Painful periods (dysmenorrhea), very heavy periods (menorrhagia), uterine prolapse, polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, uterine cancer, chronic uterine pain, lack of menstrual bleeding (amenorrhea), premenstrual syndrome, premenstrual dysphonic disorder, infertility, postmenopausal syndrome, birth trauma...

Our wombs, and their processes are intended to be our individualized biological, psychological, and spiritual system of evolution. They are a major means through which we, as women, grow, discover our calling, and expand as beings. When they are ignored, shamed and debased, dis-ease is created. This dis-ease does not have to be a permanent condition, and it is preventable.

The question is then:

How do we heal our wombs?

First, simply asking this question goes a long way toward healing! Your womb is so glad to have been heard and valued by you! Let that sink in. Maybe read it again. Feel your womb, and perhaps give it a hug (mentally and/or physically- wind removing pose or child's pose is great for this). You could start and/or end your day with this practice.

Next: There are as many ways to heal a womb as there are beings. The key is, tune in to yourself and your womb (or the place it would be, if it has been removed). Perhaps you won't hear much right away, but with repeated connection and intention, you will eventually get an ear full...belly full :o)

Ask your womb what it needs in order to heal, and then listen. Listen for any/everything... your womb may answer with foods, activities, experiences, sensations... She may help you become aware of tensions you are holding there. This often shows up as things like: physical sensations, dreams, or life events that allow you a "second chance" at releasing some stuck energy or memory. Remember, when these things come up, your work is to listen, ideally without judgement, and breath (challenging work for sure). When we listen in this way, the feeling or experience often intensifies before it releases, so hang on, remember to breath, and reach out for help if you could use it.

Finally: Anything that leads toward health and wholeness aids in the healing of the womb. Nutrition, hatha yoga, meditation, and nature walks are just a few of the exceptional tools available.

The practice of menstruality is particularly powerful for womb healing. Menstruality refers to the intentional living of menarche, the menstrual cycle, menopause, and the mature years, as rites of passage and intrinsic physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes.

For an introduction and deep dive into this topic I highly recommend the work of the wonderful women at Red School:

Be mindful of work that promotes others as having the answers for you. Surely we can learn from each other, and womb work is very personal.

My ears, shoulders, hands, heart and womb are here in your service. Please do reach out, should they call to you, and know that I am Loving you deeply <3

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