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When Love Beckons To You

A letter to my cousins


Dearest Josh and Maridee,

"When Love beckons to you, follow him..." Kahlil Gibran

I know no better advise than this. We have been given this gift of a human mind, human body. The two are constantly in communication with each other. They each gather information, and share it between one another. Based on that joint knowledge, they make decisions. Then they act. Together, they make an entity of nearly limitless potential. The farthest reaches of this potential are only touched, I think, when they are in service to Love. When Love is their reason, and their way.

Thank you for committing yourselves to Love, to your Love. May your choice inspire the Universe to assist you in the living of that potential.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day, and your magnificent Love with all of us. For inviting us. For filling our cups.

Josh, thank you for being the human being that you are. Peter often calls Grandma the sweetest person he's ever met. You are truly of her, and have found a Love who is not just fluent, but melodious in the same language. Cherish each other, even when you don't particularly like each other.


I miss them and, like you, I know that they were there celebrating with us. I felt them. You brought and bring them so much joy. Thank you!

We are so grateful for the two of you! May each passing day find your Love growing.

Loving you,


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